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Order despatch stencil

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Order despatch stencil MIP196955sten

Sheet metal, 1900s

This stencil, from Fromehall Mills, Stroud, is in the shape of a cross-quadranted heart similar to the East India Company stencil in the 1700s.

The Fromehall site has been used for cloth manufacture since the 1500s.  It has changed hands many times.  In 1846 William Hunt became the owner.  He ran Fromehall together with Lodgemoor Mill until 1865, when they were sold to J.G. Strachan for £30,000.  In 1889 Strachan & Co of Lodgemore and Fromehall Mills had 157 looms between the two mills.  In 1891 there were 57 looms at Fromehall.

Reproduced by kind permission of The Museum in the Park, Stroud.


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